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Please check the local weather before riding!  We've had quite a bit of snow, and it's frozen.  Mountain bikes ruin the trails when the ground is very wet.  Please use good judgement when starting to ride.  If the mud sticks to your tires, please turn around!  Do not continue to ride!  Please ride another day when it is not so wet!!

Current Conditions: Kokopelli Trail

This trail log describes the Kokopelli's Trail from east to west. Beginning at the Kokopelli's Trail Head south of Loma, Colorado, the trail winds 142 miles through desert sandstone and shale canyons to Moab, Utah, and is marked by brown fiberglass posts set at each intersection.

Most of the trail is on remote Bureau of Land Management property, and for the majority of your trip you will see few other travelers. This means that you need to be cautious, personally responsible, and self-sufficient. Six popular loop rides that are within easy access of Grand Junction utilize the first section of Kokopelli's Trail. The largest main loops are called Mary's Loop, Lion's Loop, and Troybuilt, located in the McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area.

Mileages are approximate! The 7.5' USGS maps covering the trail are: Mack and Ruby Canyon, Colorado; Bitter Creek Well and Westwater, Colorado-Utah; Agate, Big Triangle, Cisco NE, Dewey, Blue Chief Mesa, Fisher Valley, Mount Waas, Warner Lake, Bill Creek, Moab SE, Utah. The trail is also covered on the Grand Junction, Westwater, and Moab 1:100,000 BLM Maps. A copy of the "Kokopelli's Trail & Loops Map" is also recmommended for more detailed information about the various loops in Colorado.


Updated Monday February 24, 2014

Rabbit Valley
Conditions: This trail won't be rideable til Spring due to higher elevations and snow.
Not Recommended
Ruby Canyon Section 20.2 miles
Conditions: Snowy, not rideable until spring.
Not Recommended