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Photos courtesy of Sarah Mah

Trails of West-Central Colorado

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Please check the local weather before riding!  We've had quite a bit of snow, and it's frozen.  Mountain bikes ruin the trails when the ground is very wet.  Please use good judgement when starting to ride.  If the mud sticks to your tires, please turn around!  Do not continue to ride!  Please ride another day when it is not so wet!!

Current Conditions: 18 Road/ North Fruita Desert Trails

The North Fruita desert is usually the last area to dry after there's been rain or snow. This area holds the water and gets very sticky when wet. Please don't ride until the trails have dried out.


Updated Monday February 24, 2014

Chutes and Ladders
Conditions: You can ride it, although the cows have made it a little rough!
Good to Go
Edge Loop - Epic Good to Go
Joe's Ridge Good to Go
Kessel's Run Good to Go
Prime Cut Good to Go
Vegetarian Loop Good to Go
Western Zippity Good to Go
Zippity-Do-Da Good to Go