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Please check the local weather before riding!  We've had quite a bit of snow, and it's frozen.  Mountain bikes ruin the trails when the ground is very wet.  Please use good judgement when starting to ride.  If the mud sticks to your tires, please turn around!  Do not continue to ride!  Please ride another day when it is not so wet!!

Information & Conditions: Sidewinder

Updated 11/20/13

Status: Good to Go!

Detailed Description:

The Sidewinder Trail is the newest edition to the singletrack options available in the Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area GGNCA) – it is also the longest. Stretching 22 miles from end to end, the trail winds, climbs and descends through numerous unnamed canyons that drain the west slope of the Gunnison Gorge east of Delta and Olathe, CO.

Sidewinder’s southern terminus is the Eagle Valley Rd, just north of the Chukar Trail Rd. It then winds north intersecting the Wave Rd, Bobcat Rd, Duncan Rd, Dinosaur Rd, Ute Trail Rd and an unnamed two-track before connecting with the Smith Mountain Rd at its northern terminus.
There are several access points for Sidewinder Trail. To reach the northern trailhead turn south off of Highway 92 onto 2200 Rd near Austin, CO. Turn left onto H75 Rd and follow it as it winds east until it intersects the Smith Mountain Rd. The trailhead is near the intersection. The southern terminus is accessible from the Peach Valley Rd. To reach the Peach Valley Rd. take Highway 50 south of Olathe, CO. Turn east onto Falcon Rd. Drive 3+ miles to where the road turns to gravel. Contour around farm fields before entering the Gunnison Gorge NCA. Stay on the road as it turns north to become Peach Valley Rd. Bear left uphill (the right fork is the Chukar Trail Rd). The Eagle Valley Rd
is just beyond the top of the hill.

Additional access points to Sidewinder off of the Peach Valley Rd are the Wave, Bobcat
Duncan, Dinosaur and Ute Trail roads. These access points create numerous loop rides.
Another access point to the Peach Valley Rd is from highway 50 via Carnation Rd. Turn
east off of highway 50 north of Olathe onto Carnation Rd. Turn left when 6200 Rd is
encountered and wind thru adobe hills until you reach the Peach Valley Rd.

The Sidewinder Trail is open year-round, but access roads may be impassable during periods of heavy rain, and during the winter when the roads are snowy. The Peach Valley Rd is accessible by 2WD vehicles, but the other roads listed above are high-clearance vehicles only. Spring and fall may be the most comfortable times to ride. The trail is challenging, offering the rider rocky, primitive conditions with numerous technical sections. Short segments of choppy slickrock add to the trail mix. The riding is similar to an unbuffed version of the Lunch Loops trails near Grand Junction. It is also open to motorcycles.