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New COPMOBA Coordinator Announced!
September 18, 2014


Our search for a new coordinator for the organization is complete. The opening prompted interest by a wide array of very qualified and capable people, and we were fortunate to be able to work with so many great possibilities.

I'd like to introduce our new coordinator for COPMOBA - Kristina Kittelson. The board believes that Kristina will deftly provide the skills to support the organization today and aid in moving COPMOBA forward into new challenges. Kristina is passionate about mountain biking. A short introduction;

Kristina started mountain biking in 2001 and has been hooked on Grand Valley singletrack ever since. She has mountain biked all over the Western United Sates including Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, California, and Oregon but thinks the best mountain bike trails are right here in our backyard. She is passionate about mountain biking and has been involved with COPMOBA since [more...]


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Tour de Bloom on the Kokopelli Trail
June 4, 2014

Last week I had the opportunity to ride the 150 mile Kokopelli Trail from Grand Junction to Moab with a group on the annual ride called the Tour de Bloom.  The “bloom” is for the many wildflowers and cactus that are showing their beautiful colors along this high desert trail.  It is a fund-raising event put on by COPMOBA (Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Trail Association) for the past 20 years.  It has been many years since I rode this trail and the date of the event usually conflicts with finals weeks of the geology class I teach at the Montrose Campus of Colorado Mesa University.  However, this year I committed to it back in January and pulled a nearly all-nighter to grade exams and submit final grades before I left on this epic 4-day, fully supported bike ride.  Hopefully, my experience and photos will be of interest to you whether [more...]
Posted by Laurie Brandt
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Tour de Bloom Arm Twisting
May 7, 2014

By Chris Muhr

It seems that every now and then we have a year on the Tour de Bloom when we don’t get a full field of riders.  2014 is one of those years….I’m not sure why, it could be because it was a long winter and nobody feels like A: they look good in bike clothes, B: they aren’t in good enough shape to do the tour, C: they don’t want to miss the Saturday re-run of “Dancing with the Stars”.
Let me go through a few reasons why you might want to  reconsider your decision and go on the Tour de Bloom this year…A: very few people look “good” in bike clothes and those people are usually found in bike magazines or the trailhead parking lot and would never consider a challenge like Loma to Moab because they will be sweaty and have helmet hair. B: [more...]
Posted by Chris Muhr
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Three Sisters Update and Trail Dedication
September 11, 2013

The Three Sisters Property acquisition has been an enormous success for the Grand Junction community. The 130 acres was purchased by the Mesa Land Trust in June of 2012. In that same transaction, the Land Trust placed a conservation easement on the property that will protect it forever as public open space and deeded it over to the City of Grand Junction.

Youth and Family Friendly Mountain Bike trails
While the City of Grand Junction and the Bureau of Land Management officially co-manage the property, COPMOBA and the Mesa Land Trust have joined in to design and build family friendly mountain bike trails on the property that connect with existing trails at the Lunch Loop trail area. The first trail building day took place in October of 2012 that completed the loop that extends an existing beginner trail at Lunch Loop. In the April of 2013, COPMOBA, BLM, and [more...]
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Grand Junction Off Road - Epic Rides
August 22, 2013

If you're looking for something to do Labor Day Weekend, look no further than Downtown Grand Junction and the Luch Loops mtn biking area!  The innaugural Grand Junction Off Road will take place with fun activities and racing all weekend!

Here's a quick race description, and for more information you can go to the web site!
Featuring the world class Lunch Loops and neighboring trail systems, the “Grand” courses will start and finish on Main Street in downtown Grand Junction, and take participants of all skill levels through an assortment of terrain while traversing the Tabeguache trail system (pronounced Tab-uh-Watch) to the distant reaches of the Magellan loop.
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