Paradox Reroute

The West End/Paradox Update By Paul Koski

There are three main projects going on currently in the West End related to trail development. Two involve the BLM and one involves the Forest Service. The BLM projects are the Paradox Trail- Spradlin Park bypass outside of Nucla and the Burn Canyon Project west of Norwood. The Forest Service is initiating the Thunder Road Trails project south of Norwood.
Paradox Trail:
                This project is initiated by Montrose West Recreation and COPMOBA to correct a trespass issue which has been present since the Paradox Trail’s creation over 16 years ago. In order to bypass a relatively short 1000’ trespass, we proposed to reroute the trail almost 17 miles around Spradlin Park effectively bringing the Trail within a quarter mile of Nucla. Four miles of new single track would be created in five locations while 13 miles of existing two track will be utilized. Last year, our NEPA required EA studies were completed however some archeological issues popped up that will require the trail line to be adjusted. Since the project is now back in the hands of the overworked BLM staff of the Uncompahgre Field Office, it is unlikely that progress will move forward any time soon. Riders are directed to use the road system off Pinto Mesa to the Delta-Nucla Road and through Nucla.
Burn Canyon:
                This project is initiated by the newly formed Norwood Parks and Recreation District on a large BLM parcel west of Norwood and Naturita Canyon. The area saw a devastating wildfire almost ten years ago which opened up large areas for potential trail development. Doug Oldson is one of the initiators of the project and reported that 34 miles of new singletrack have been flagged with the help of Greg Mazu, a professional trail designer. Amy Sharp has been retained to help find funding for the project and move it forward, while San Miguel County has kicked in $5,000 and the Norwood Rec District has contributed $700 to pay for her services. The BLM hired Greg Mazu for his design services. They have plans to go after a State Parks Trail Grant while the BLM has internal grants available for the project.
Thunder Road Trails:
                There have been long standing mitigation issues within this popular area just south of Norwood on FS lands that the Forest Service has decided to address with this project. Two scoping periods were conducted last year with many heated comments from the motorized community. Many did not want to see anything happen to the area but years of pirated roads and scattered campsites led to the decision to control vehicle access, create designated campsites and create about 17 miles of new multiuse singletrack. I commented on COPMOBA’s behalf and believe the FS is taking the correct approach whereas they are not completely closing Thunder Road to motorized vehicles but they are restricting their access off the road. The designated campsites will address those negative impacts of scattered campsites and pirated roads while the multiuse singletrack will allow for bikers, hikers, equestrians and motorbikes to access some great terrain close to town. Kathy Peckham with the FS has applied for a $205,000 State Parks OHV Grant. They’ll find out if they’re successful in April. She indicated to me they will be needing COPMOBA’s input on trail layout and volunteer help for much of the project. POPA- Protect Our Public Access, out of Telluride is also heavily involved with this project.
The map of the Paradox Reroute (3MB PDF)

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