Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

November 19th, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

November 24, 2015
Board Meeting Minutes
November 19, 2015
5:30 PM, CB's Tavern, 334 Main St, Delta, CO

Call to Order at 545 Scott Winans
Roll Call; establish quorum Scott
Steven B, Scott W, Chris M, Bill L, Paul K, Clark R, Dan A, Kris C, Renata R, Laurie B.
Kristina Kittleson, Coordinator
guests - Marty (DAMB), Ace Brown (DAMB), Tim Gallegos, John Howe, Rusty Wouters
Offer for comment & approval; minutes from 06-22-2015 meeting Scott
Paul made the motion to approve the minutes, Chris M 2nd, all approved.

? Chapter Reports (as distributed); call for questions/comments (15 min) Scott
o Grand Valley Canyons Kris Cox
Dec 5 - work day
o RAT Rod Fitzhugh/Bill L
RAT trails are closed, they want a black diamond trail (looking for input)
o Uncompahgre Laurie Brandt
4 miles at Cerro Summit, 9 miles at Sunset Mesa, Trail Planning & Constr Grants
o West End Paul Koski
Finally singletrack update approved on the Paradox Trail section
o DAMBikers Michael Vaughn
Plumb Line trail, city economic dev meeting going slowly

? Treasurer Report (15 min) Clark Rieves
New info presentation format is good & will continue. We have money to spend. Insurance cost has grown the most. Work Comp in addition to general liability. Clark asked what to do about the 10% from each chapter during fund raising. He suggests having and entry at the end of the year the 10%. Current method is deducting 10% based on gross revenue and entry by entry. Discussion determined there is no change from current method. Scott asked for a committee of 3 to determine how to deal with donation policy when it is directed to a specific chapter. By next week, Scott will appoint 3 people to a finance committee. They will look at all financial policies.
? Insurance overview (10 min) Clark Rieves
General policy with $1 million limit and $1,000 deductible, covers officers, with exceptions. It does not include trail work or bike related injury. Our coverage is only through federal, city, county, etc. policies. This is why it's so important that all workers sign a waiver for trailwork activities. No coverage for race, tour, competition. We do have Hired Auto Liability insurance- for trailers. Special events cost extra, typically $150 - $200/event, under 500 person, covers no competition. Liquor covered up to $10K sales. Ded is $500 for property damage insurance, but it doesn't cover sports events, punitive damages, medical payments, fireworks, amusement devices, sports or stunts. IE Bike rodeo needs a waiver since sports are not covered. We discussed the need for a standard COPMOBA waiver for all events such as group rides. Stephen Barnes proposed that we have legal counsel review our insurance coverage and liabilities to determine deficiencies and recommended modifications. Dan seconded it. All voted in favor. We set 3 weeks from today for consideration of project and establishing a date of completion by a reviewing agency. Renewal is March 14, 2016 for the policies so our goal is to have resolution by that date. Scott requests a written summary statement of coverages from Clark.

? Coordinator Report (20 min) Kristina Kittelson
Refer to her printed report. We should have over 500 members, not 287. March is our membership drive. She still needs a summary report from the TdB. Net $12,233 from this event. Lots of traffic on FB page. Scott requested chapter committee chairs to create by end of month a summary of the years accomplishments and what's planned for the coming year. Statement of volunteer hours is important too - Nov 25th due date to Kristina. Please email Kristina information about meetings and events as they are finalized. Each chapter should do a March membership drive and have a featured ride. She has sponsorship web pages for each chapter.

New Business
? Recognize proposal of Michael Vaughn as Local Committee Chairperson and new board member representing the Delta Area Mtn Bikers chapter. (Scott) tabled, Michael not present
? Note new DAMB Chapter committee roster - Tim, Sven, Jason Love, Michael, Ace
? Note new Uncompahgre Chapter committee roster (Renata) Rusty, Elie Malloy, Donnie Watson, Lynn Whipple, Laurie, Bill Harris. Laurie moved that Renata have approval by the Board to be a signor on our bank account. Stephen seconded the motion and all approved.
? Consider proposal of Rusty Wouters for membership on Board of Directors (Scott). Stephen made a motion to add Rusty to the Board and Bill seconded it. All approved.
? GVC Chapter request for board consideration;
o Fruita trails project chapter commitment & matching funds (John Howe - 10 min tot)
? John identifies Wrangler Ext, Mack Ridge new Route, Steve's Reroute project in chapter from 2004 RMP. This is around 10 miles that need assessments.
? Chapter initially operated under impression that BLM evals were complete
? They met with the City of Fruita and City approved $10K to help with surveys
? local chapter added $5K, but goal is $20-25K
? Clark made a motion that COPMOBA's general fund provide funds in matching amount of business contributions up to $5K cap. Also contingent upon total funding need. Paul seconded the motion. All voted in favor.
? Uncompahgre Chapter request for board consideration; (Laurie - 15 min tot)
o Montrose-Nucla-Cahone transmission line upgrade - COPMOBA response Steven Barnes will coordinate with Bill Harris to review the EA and comment with a letter.
o Laurie was asked to send the Board a copy of the recent Montrose area trail plan.
o Unc Chapter requests grant prep fee to be covered by general fund. $2,800 is the amount paid to Sparrow Consulting for planning grant. Dan made a motion that the Board approve this grant writing cost be paid for by general funds. Stephen 2nd the motion and all voted in favor.
? Sales for Trails Program
o Review status; program format, materials currently avail, implementation method(s)
o ID necessary steps to improve outreach & assign responsibilities to execute
? Kristina talked about the Sales for Trails program, & online enrollment page. She has a store flyer and sticker. Concept is a discretionary add-on 1% to a sales transaction. Add'l formats also in effect; Copper Club does a discretionary $1/beer for trails promotion. Quarterly disbursement from businesses, with 1 month leeway. These funds are not a business donation. It does not count towards membership. Customers are paying the funds.
? The in-store implementation seems to be the primary challenge. Create a default tax entry as "Tax & COPMOBA 1%" or similar. We need to provide the step-by-step process to the merchants. Scott asked all of us to go to the webpage about this and take a packet to all businesses. Scott will generate a bulleted list of general system process in a business; completed in 1 week. This is not limited to bike businesses. Get on the agenda to our chamber of commerce to present the program.
? Update RE recent State of CO activities:
o Trails initiatives: Colo The Beautiful and "16 Trails in 2016" project - Raise awareness of states $100M to trails commitment over several years. GOCO page has information. Connectivity and youth in outdoor recreation.
o CO Outdoor Recreation Industry Office - Luis Benitez
o Statewide trail mapping and focus on outdoor recreation
? Consider coordinator role; expand, move to full time for FY/CY 2016 - Tasks expansion: working with Clark on finances, branding, communications, sales for trails, TdB organization, grant administration. We will discuss this via emails until our January retreat. Review current funding status in light of supporting this, considering possibility of failing to obtain grant funding. KK is interested and most likely available for full time commitment, start date flexible.
? Review & record status of all grants, both active and submitted applications - tabled
? Branding discussion; chapter logos, website look, promo items, etc (Kristina - 10 min) - Kristina will meet with Stephen before the next meeting, and present proposals for branding direction at Jan board meeting.
? Schedule next meeting date - Jan timeframe; venue ideas - Gateway, CB. Scott wants to know the block-out dates in January. All board members provide unavailable dates to KK by this coming week and we'll create a poll for meeting date.
? Floor open for discussion -
o Rusty and Bill will look into Google Group or similar forum for Board communication. Rusty will provide a recommendation to board by the end of the year.
o GVC chapter has chosen to donate $1K towards the Pro Cycling Challenge public commitment. Kris asked for the Board to match $1K of general fund money with the contingency of the other donors matching. Stephen 2nds. 1 in favor, all other opposed.
o Bill Lindler emphasizes the benefits of a major trail system (not contiguous trail, but virtual trail linking riding areas). Advocacy of mountain biking, not just trails, and how do we brand the western slope? Colorado Adrenaline Trail concept.
o We need to have regular meetings every other month on the same night like 2nd Monday of each month. Will establish a schedule at Jan meeting.

? Adjourn at 9:05 pm
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