Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

April 9, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

April 26, 2018

COPMOBA Quarterly Board Meeting

April 9th, 2018

Grand Junction, CO


Attendance: Chris Muhr, Paul Koski, Scott Winans, Sven Edstrom, John Howe, Renata Renazio, Stephen Barnes, Rod Fitzhugh, Jim Maggio, Dan Antonelli. Coordinator Tisha.

Guests: John Stewart, Thaddeus Smith (candidates for board membership)

Missing: Ed Hines, Clark Rieves,

Meeting called to order @ 6:08pm



  • January Retreat meeting minutes approved with no changes

  • Chapter Reports: {additions to submitted report}

    • DAMB –

      • County Recreation Trails Master Plan due by end of May. Pretty comprehensive, with most trails desired included. Sven will post Plan to our Board site.

      • Outdoor Heritage Days (June 2nd) – cool event for publicity.

      • Concerns around unofficial trail building at Jumbo Mtn (Paonia), with many new trails that are not part of “official inventory”. BLM-UFO not pleased and expressing displeasure and all trails are in jeopardy.

    • Grand Valley –

      • Grand Opening of 1st & 3rd Flats Trail – 60+ folks showed up!!!

      • Cultural survey for Sarledge (14 miles of new multi-use single-track to connect Sarlaac and The Edge) starts next week. Hopeful NEPA approval in Aug.

      • April 28th – GVC event (get more info! – John Howe to add)

      • GJ Off-Road – May 19th-21st

      • ColoRowdies – outreach to ride and do trail work on Lunch Loops – Apr 14th

      • Riverfront Trail single-track – final section is under construction.

      • Crane Lake work day at end of June

      • Mack Ridge completion hopeful for Oct/Nov.

    • Montrose –

      • Stoke Night in March was great. Raised over $4K!!

      • Cerro Summit Trail Celebration – June 2nd DMEA has offered to help create an event to raise awareness of outdoor recreation and mountain biking in the area.

      • Lengthy discussion about how to help CPW fund all access to open spaces, regarding the increase of non-motorized users and potential impacts on declining use of traditional CPW constituents. CPW obviously struggling with funding for projects and variable revenues in the future.

    • Ridgway –

      • Focus this year on some trail maintenance funding for Dallas Trail

      • Some leftover funds from original CPW grant for connector trails for BLM to State Park trails. State Park trails are not scheduled to be built as planned.

      • RAT Fest June 9th will focus on the race aspect this year.

    • WETA –

      • Woo Hoo, got to build trail all winter!!!

      • UFO meeting on April 17th to further address maintenance on existing trails

      • Requesting $50K from $250K grant to address signage

      • Uncompaghre Bash (June 9th) – coordinate some trail work efforts with events

  • Treasurer Report:

    • Clark distributed all chapter updates to each chapter. Each chapter should touch base with Clark separately on individual concerns.

  • Coordinator Report:

    • See Report

    • Tour de Bloom – Full as of today!! 8 new members.

      • Jerseys available for sale – look awesome!

    • Financials – reaching out to chapter chairs on numbers

    • Grant Database – done!!

    • Sales for Trails – on-going efforts to get activated with more folks who want to participate. We need more partners!

    • Membership Drive – should have final report in next 3 to 4 weeks

    • Branding / Merchandise – working with Chris M and Stephen on final selections.



  • BLM MOU – Scott to review and send to Board by May 8th.

  • Insurance update – currently under an extension to complete updates to policy.

    • Change in policy to include full scale “completed operations coverage” as COPMOBA has expanded across the Western Slope, the need to have full coverage for all chapters.

    • Scott and John to follow up this week with agent for conclusion by Thursday, for Board vote by EOW

  • Review By-Laws – John H and Rod to review and circulate to Board by May 8th.

  • Board Membership: (both will be added to Google Groups by Tisha)

    • WETA: John B. Stewart – Moved, seconded and approved

    • DAMB: Thaddeus Smith – Moved, seconded and approved

  • GMUG – scoping period is open for comments, closes on May 2nd

    • Outdoor Alliance is currently undergoing a study on economic impact, GIS overlays of outdoor activities to overlay how activities/outdoor rec drive dollars to local communities.

  • CPW grant follow-up – we did not procure funding for either planning or construction projects in this cycle. Scott has met with CPW directly to express our views on trails development and the current vacuum on the evaluation process and CPW is working to improve that. Lack of understanding of the Western Slope is a concern shared by CPW and there is hope to host a visit (hopefully this fall) to review our multi-chapter approach and all the issues facing the Western Slope.

  • Finances for each chapter - $1000 for each chapter to be dispersed for general use + $1400 for an “event kit”. Tisha spear-heading acquiring tent, table banners, etc for event kit.



  • Telluride Trails Conference report – concern that came out of conference is the issue of multiple agencies overlapping the lands of the Western Slope, all with varied and differing issues. Efforts underway to coordinate a meeting with multiple channels to consolidate efforts.

  • Meeting Dates for 2018 – all at ~5:30pm

    • July 9th - Delta

    • October 8th - Montrose

    • January 2019 – January 12th (Retreat) – TBD

Adjourned @ 8:54pm

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