Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

January 21st, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

March 20, 2017


The President called the meeting to order.  

The president called the roll. 

Board Members present were:  Rod Fitzhugh, Dan Antonelli,  Scott Winans, Rusty Wouters, John Howe, Chris Muhr, Stephen Barnes, Renata Raziano and Sven Edstrom

Others Present:  Kristina Kittleson, Coordinator, Trish Oakland and Edward Hines, Board Nominees

Absent:  Clark Rieves, Paul Koski

The president noted that Michael Vaughn and Bill Lindler had submitted their resignations from the Board.  The Board agreed unanimously to accept the resignations.

The President asked for comments on the minutes from the last previous Board meeting on October 17, 2016. There were no changes or additions and the Board voted unanimously to adopt the minutes.

The President noted that all chapters had submitted written, year-end reports last month and asked all Board members to refer to the google group discussion for copies of all such reports, and to review them.  The president then called for updates from each Quick read more or view full article chapter.

Grand Valley Chapter - John Howe stated that GV will need $56,000.00 to complete work on Mac Ridge, and that the chapter already has $22,000.00.  He also advised that VOC will host a Rock Clinic with the GV chapter on March 25-26, and a Trail Crew Leader Training Clinic the week before or the week after.  Cost will be $15 for the rock clinic and $20 for the crew leader clinic.  

A discussion ensued concerning use of general fund money to pay for VOC crew leadership training.  Chris Muhr moved the Board to authorize a disbursement of $200.00 per year per chapter for such training.  Steven Barnes seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.


The discussion returned to chapter updates.  

Unc Chapter: Renata Raziano and Rusty Wouters reported  that the chapter will hold a membership meeting for elections and for membership outreach at 2 Rascals on February 16 at 6:00pm, In Montrose.  2 Rascals will discount beer prices for members.  Bill Harris will coordinate with BLM and USFS to sign the entire route for Whole Uncalada.  The trail comprises 22 miles including Forest Fence Gulch. 

DAMB: Sven Enstrom attended a DENCA meeting last with week Bill Harris and reported that 5900 Acres of the reserve is now open to bikes . DAMB Work with land management agencies over the summer to develop a trail plan for the area plan and hopes to get the GV chapter involved.  DAMB would like to have a comprehensive proposal this summer.  DAMB is also  working on Smith Mountain proposal but can’t do much until the new UFO BLM NEPA planner comes on board.  Sven believes he’s a mountain biker/racer and is reportedly enthusiastic about single track.   DAMB and partners – including Delta County - also have plans for a pump track in Hotchkiss.  The County also wants more trails south of Hotchkiss and recently received  a grant of $100k for trail inventory.

RAT – Rod Fitzhugh gave updates on plans for trails on Mt. Baldy and McKenzie Butte, and indicated RAT has submitted concept proposals to BLM and Forest Service.  He and Edward Hines also explained plans – approved by USFS – for RAT to assist with maintenance and trail improvement efforts on the Dallas Trail between Box Factory Park and Ouray County Road 17.  Stephen Barnes noted that Jeff Boches, Ouray County GPS guru, has developed some detailed mapping of the area contemplated for a new, alternate descent from Moonshine Park to County Road 17.  Rod and Chris Muhr reported on plans developed by Chris and Jen Taylor to organize an Outdoor Adventure Summit in Ridgway sometime in 2017, with a view to organizing community and outdoor industry leaders in support of Chris and Jen’s 

Adreneline Trail concept.  The ultimate goal is to facilitate a union of effort from regional municipalities to promote outdoor adventure in Southwest Colorado.  

Dan Antonelli reported on progress with the USFS to rehabilitate and rededicate some old but underused and, in some cases, closed single track on the North end of the Uncompahgre Plateau. Dan said the FS and BLM have committed to cooperate on enhancing connectors for some of these old trails and he felt more optimistic than he has in years about the prospects of reclaiming some of the 125 miles of single track the FS approved in their 2002 management plan.  He also reported that Tim Gallegos of the DAMB chapter helped get some single track approved by BLM for bikes within the DENCA area. 

Chris Muhr mentioned that the State is working with local authorities on the Blueprint 2.0 initiative as a way to examine how best to serve rural communities around the state and identify opportunities to leverage resources. Chris noted that trails could be part of the initiative and also that DOLA will put 8m into West End Broad band development. 

Stephen Barnes reported that he had met recently with Louis  Benitez. Benitez and Governor Hickenlooper were impressed by the public statement from the Company concerning U.S. Senate Bill 3205 — the Human-Powered Travel in Wilderness Areas Act. Steve also noted that Patagonia and Black Diamond have threatened to pull out of Utah’s Outdoor Retailer Show to protest the State’s efforts to privatize public lands.  The giant retailers apparently are seeking alternate venues for the show, most especially in Western Colorado.   Other outdoor companies are also considering pulling out of Utah, which might create some opportunities for Western Colorado. 


Coordinator report  - Kristina Kittleson referred the Board to her written report, a copy of which is attached to these minutes.  She also mentioned that local chapters can link e-marketing campaigns to the COPMOBA Colorado Gives page.  She will apply for a Capacity Building Grant from  That is due sometime in May.  She will have a draft proposal for the next Board meeting.  She also reported a lot of requests for information on TDB 2017.  Dates have been set and we need to fix on a per-rider fee. We continue looking for paid help with our book keeping and accounting.  Business Incubator will charge 40 per hour – we need to streamline the book keeping



A discussion ensued about hiring paid book keeper to organize and run our finances and all agreed we need a CPA to review and then re-organize the books. All chapters report difficulty reconciling local account records with general records kept by the Treasurer.   The board agreed to look at allotting funds to pay a CPA for up to 12 hours at $40 per to do a review and make recommendations. Kristina, Sven, John  and Trish will do some outreach with accountants and report on the results within 3 weeks.  

A short discussion followed concerning the need for liability insurance riders to cover pump tracks built and maintained by the Company.  John will follow up and report to the Board. 

A lengthy discussion ensued concerning Sales for Trails. All chapters report a lack of progress in signing up local businesses.  The primary problem in most communities results from inability or unwillingness of businesses to find a way to integrate the program with the POS software.  Scott requested that we request specific POS system description of candidate businesses so we can begin to address their needs if possible for implementation.


Chapter committee members: 

GV – Ann Keller, Kevin Sperle, David Withers, Nick Sandstrom, John Howe Chair

UNC – Renata Raziano - chair, Rusty Wouters -  sec, Elly Malloy - treasurer, plus Gary Baker, Donnie Watson, Laurie Brandt, Neelie Goodwin and Bill Harris

DAMB – Sven Edstrom chair, Ace Brown, Tim Gallegos, Jason love, Mike Vaughn; Marty Kauzlarich

RAT – Edward Hines chair, Rod Fitzhugh, Sundra Hines, Jasmine Oeinck, Matt Pratt, Brian Scranton, Brian Hoefling, Scott Hargreaves

CPW GRANT 2016 Status– 

Connectors for Unc will be completed this spring. 

Grant Admin funds for COPMOBA – Kristina is doing invoicing, Amy donated sometime and submitted reimbursement request or accounting of what got done last year.  Kristina reported that, according to Amy, CPW does not require detailed time accounting for the administrative funds budgeted in the grant for the coordinator.  The Board wants more coordination between Amy and Kristina to get the coordinator more involved. $10,000 from the grant was allocated for internal grant administration. After discussion with the coordinator the Board agreed to consider reallocating some of that to trail construction, if doing so will not cause a funding short fall for the time the coordinator actually spent on administration of the grant.  

Several chapters have need to apply for CPW grant funds this fall.  RAT hopes to be ready to apply for a planning grant for the Mt. Baldy proposal. DAMB  has need for both construction grant funds and planning funds for Smith Mountain, D-E NCA and the North Fork.  Unc needs a Gunny Gorge planning grant and a construction grant.  GVC needs construction funds for the Fremont system and possibly the North Desert.   The Koko-Mac build out is fully approved and ready to build and needs construction funds.  The Board and local committees will work with Amy Sharpe to identify other entities that could apply for CPW funds and then contract with the Company to implement the grants.  The company will contract with Palisade in such a fashion later this year.  

Sven reported that there is still interest in Paonia for a COPMOBA chapter but there have been no new developments.  

A discussion ensued concerning Ebikes on non-motorized trail.  BLM regulations currently prohibit such use.  Most of the board expressed opposition to Ebikes on non-motorized trails with Rusty in strong disagreement.  Following a motion duly made and seconded the board voted unanimously to reach out to the land agencies to sign all Company trail heads clearly for restrictions on Ebiking, or to authorize the Company to do so. The board also unanimously voted, after motion and second, to post current regulations on the company webpages and social media.


The new business discussion was interrupted for a discussion of the Coordinator position.  The Coordinator left the room and, following brief discussion and a motion duly made and seconded, the Board voted to make the coordinator full-time (at least 2000 hours per year). Following further discussion and a motion duly made and seconded, the Board voted to offer the position to Kristina Kittleson at $42000.00 per year with an opportunity for an annual bonus based on performance review.   

The Board then discussed and outlined coordinator priorities as follows:   


    Chapter outreach and membership outreach


    Website upgrade

    Event and activity coordination planning

            At chapter level    

    Grant admin

            Training with Amy

    Social media

    Attend chapter meetings

Kristina Kittleson returned to the meeting and the Board offered her full time employment on the terms approved earlier by motion and vote.      



The Board discussed the 2017 RAT Race and other possible race events.  Ideas were considered for a points series, a stage race, rotating venues and other possibilities.  The board agreed that racing could serve as a good marketing strategy for the company.  The Board further agreed to revisit the issue following the 2017 RAT Race and encouraged any other local chapters interested in the possibility to develop plans.     

Stephen encouraged the board to considered taking a more affirmative position on political and public policy issues important to MTB riders and trail users.  He cited statistics suggesting that the outdoor industry generates more revenue than the pharmaceutical products with sales worldwide of over 800 billion dollars.  The board instructed the coordinator to track openings on the SW RAC and NW RAC so the board can recruit single-track friendly nominees to fill those openings.  Colorado Canyons is also looking for additional board members which could be a further opportunity to expand the company’s public policy influence.  

The Board then discussed the conflict between seeking donations to the company through Amazon Smiles and the Company’s relationship with local retailers. Given the dearth of income to date from Amazon Smiles, the board voted (6-3), following motion duly made and seconded, to terminate the Company involvement with Amazon Smiles.  


The president asked if the board had any interest in reaching out to neighboring mountain bike associations such as Crested Butte and Roaring Fork to discuss trail advocacy topics in overlapping areas of our regions. Specifically this would include discussion of the Carbondale-Crested Butte Trail, and how it may tie into the North Fork Valley and beyond.  The board was in support of the idea, and Scott suggested we hold a summit with interested parties in the next 6 months.  The president said he will initiate discussions for a possible regional trails group summit in the next 6 months.


Tour De Bloom

The coordinator advised that World Wide Expeditions will hold per rider pricing at 390 for sag support.  Based on that, the Board, following motion duly made and seconded – resolved unanimously to set guest pricing at $695.00 per rider for 2017.  The coordinator reported that she had some trouble collecting for auction items from several guests.  The board agreed by consensus to accept a reasonable amount of lost income from the auction.  The board agrees that the Company should work harder to obtain high-quality auction items.  The coordinator will initiate swag collection with an appeal to chapters this spring.  Sierra Designs will donate a sleeping bag and a tent.  All Metals will donate a sculpture and other items.  The president requested that each chapter attempt to acquire a minimum of one high value ($100 wholesale cost or greater) donation for the event.  The Coordinator will work with Trish Oakland to secure discount pricing from Primal Wear for ride jerseys, which will be sold at a profit, independent of entry fee, to TDB riders.  

WEB page/Branding

A detailed discussion ensued concerning the web site and branding.  Some members expressed a preference to move away from the Colorado Flag motif because it is used extensively by virtually every business in the State.  Several think the Company could better distinguish its brand with a new look.  

The coordinator wants to redesign the website with a  word press platform.  Other board members cited experiences suggesting word press would be a good choice.  The coordinator will reach out to designers previously identified, including Treefeather Designs in Montrose for pricing on both the web design and branding. 


The coordinator will determine what immediate inventory needs we have and order additional shirts, hats, cups and socks accordingly, keeping numbers conservative pending consideration of branding changes.  We will consider club ride jerseys and Primal Wear.


Many donors seem to want their donations earmarked for a particular chapter.  A lengthy discussion of business member premiums and donor out-reach produced no consensus and the discussion was continued to the next meeting. However, after review of the bylaws the board concluded that all business entity members are entitled to one vote as Company members and those wishing to vote will need to designate an individual to exercise the vote for the business. 


Following nominations, seconds and consent of those nominated, officers were approved by unanimous vote, as follows:  

    President:  Scott Winans

    V.P. : Chris Muhr

    Secretary:  Rod Fitzhugh

Following nomination and seconds, the Board unanimously approved the appointments of Edward Hines and Trisha Oakland to the Board. 


2017 Meeting Dates

The Board set quarterly meetings for 2017 on the second Monday of every third months at the following locations:

    April 10:  Delta

    July 10: Montrose

    October 9: Nucla

The Board agreed to hold the January 2018 retreat in Ridgway on January 20th.     

Whereupon the meeting was adjourned by unanimous vote. 

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