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COPMOBA - Colorado Plateua Mountain Bike Trail Association, Inc COPMOBA - Colorado Plateua Mountain Bike Trail Association, Inc COPMOBA - Colorado Plateua Mountain Bike Trail Association, Inc COPMOBA - Colorado Plateua Mountain Bike Trail Association, Inc COPMOBA - Colorado Plateua Mountain Bike Trail Association, Inc COPMOBA - Colorado Plateua Mountain Bike Trail Association, Inc COPMOBA - Colorado Plateua Mountain Bike Trail Association, Inc

Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Trail Association

COPMOBA is a group of mountain bikers dedicated to the development and maintenance of regional mountain bike trails on the Colorado Plateau. Our main trails include Kokopelli's, Tabequache, and Paradox, and we also work on all mountain bike trails in the area and are always working to get new trails built.

Donations help COPMOBA accomplish great things for the trails and mountain bike community! Donations allow COPMOBA to build and maintain trails and to advocate for the trails and mountain biking. Thank you for supporting and aiding our efforts!

2014 is COPMOBA's 25th Anniversary!  We'll be celebrating, and will share all the details as plans develop!


Posted: Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hello All,
Building and maintenance season is upon us, and projects are moving ahead.  If you’ve taken a moment to check out the calendar of activities, you’ve found a bunch of projects planned in each of the chapters.
In the past week, the Montrose chapter completed the submission for this years’ grant opportunity from REI.  They put together a professional proposal for the grant, to be targeted towards the Cerro Summit trails project.  This project was instigated last year with the completion of a bit of new trail, created by productive cooperation between COPMOBA, the city of Montrose, and additional partners.  Let’s hope that they secure the grant this year to continue this project.  I’ll point out that the chapters have taken a cooperative approach with this grant proposal over the past few years as we’ve improved our communication and organizing efforts.  The chapters have informally voted amongst themselves to help prioritize a single chapter’s project out of the entire organization for which COPMOBA will submit a grant request.  This is a great example of working together to help forward a project that can fully utilize the funding opportunity for the year.  Last year, this same process took place for the Ridgway chapter.  It’s good to share.



For the 11th year, the MOG Fest brings great deals and lots of fun to downtown Grand Junction!  This year the event moves back to Main St., and extends the fun all day long.  Along with the MOG and the COPMOBA Gear Swap, the Maverick Classic also zooms by.  You can watch and shop at the same time!


The COPMOBA Gear Swap is your chance to clean out your garage, shop, or shed.  You can sell whatever gear you've got.  You might even find something that you've got to take back home with you.  You pay a $15 flat fee to sell whatever gear you want to get rid of.  The $15 fee goes directly to COPMOBA and the trails.  You get to keep all the cash you make selling your stuff!

Contact Amy at for a Swap registration form.

Check out the MOG web site for all the details!

See you downtown on April 19th from 10am until 9pm!

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Grand Valley Trail Alliance

Recreation activities in and around the Grand Valley over the past several decades have involved many facets of our varied outdoor opportunities.  Ranked high among the engaging, growing, and successful pursuits, has been the development of trail systems and individual routes in our area for many varied user groups.   Building upon the strengths and success of several existing trails organizations and the Bureau of Land Management, Grand Junction Field Office, an effort is underway to establish a new organization with the goal of combining resources, time, and attention in the pursuit of maintaining existing trails and creating new trails in the Grand Valley.  This new organization is called the Grand Valley Trail Alliance.

It is anticipated that the GVTA will initially be comprised of representation from user groups including various modes of motorized travel, the mountain bike community, and likely foot and equine users.  Importantly, the organization also seeks to include representation from local civic, business, and municipal bodies so that the organization represents diverse concerns and supporting interests regarding trail maintenance, the establishment of new trails, and trail support infrastructure, and is able to thoroughly review and vet concepts at the outset of the planning process with the goal of streamlining project implementation.  The breadth of partners in the alliance is also important in providing a critical mass and strength of voice for new projects.  

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